Why Insights Don’t Take Root: 3 Common Misconceptions about Insights

Nemawashi is a Japanese word that describes nurturing a sapling plant. Specifically, it describes “digging around the roots” so that you can move the sapling to another location. If the gardener plants saplings next to full grown trees, they won’t reach the light; the larger trees take all the nutrients and the new plants will die, resulting in no new organic, growth.

Customer insights, market insights, or process insights are like new plants requiring careful attention to be transplanted from the workshop into the business or from the individual to…

Not enough alcoholics are educated about this

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Myfather died of alcoholic liver cirrhosis four years ago. It came as a surprise to all of us, even though it was clear he had a severe drinking problem for decades. It was especially surprising to me, as a former nurse and a recovering alcoholic. You would think I’d know more about liver problems and alcohol use than the average person. But the truth is, in the months before his death, I had no idea my father’s liver was struggling at all. …

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When I was younger, I hated bedtime. But I’m not talking about when I was a kid and I thought that wild parties started the moment I fell asleep. I’m talking about just a couple of years ago.

The problem with bedtime is that it signals the end of our time to ourselves. We know that the only thing waiting for us on the other side of sleep is our jobs, which can be stressful, anxiety-provoking, and not very fun at all. They can be demanding and push us into unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory…

Late in June 2019, a food truck owner went viral when he shared that he’s not only fed up with influencers asking for free food, but from now on, he’d be charging them double.

Tired of being asked to hand out free product in exchange for vague promises of “exposure” (read: a two-second shout-out in an IG Story), CVT Soft Serve owner, Joe Nicchi, posted this image to Instagram in late June:

And Nicchi’s not the only one getting fed up with self-titled “influencers” acting like spoiled brats.

In July, “Melissa,” a PR rep for an influencer and soon-to-be bride…

Today’s trending topic is data. Let me rephrase that; today, what’s at stake, is data. Increased media consumption has lead to an undeniable shift towards more measurable, more personal interfaces where we, as marketers, have access not only to declared data, but also to rich data based on behavioural analytics. Rich data allows us to anticipate the interests, needs and wants of our consumer base — but it also complicates the consumer journey. Management of this newly complex consumer journey and reaction to the demand for more personalised, relevant experiences, requires a more innovative approach. …

Karl Rove, the designer of previous President George W. Bramble’s gubernatorial and official missions, recognized Wednesday that the 2020 official political race won’t be upset paying little mind to the whirlwind of claims from President Donald Trump testing the outcomes.

Meander — who sources said exhorted the White House and Trump crusade paving the way to the 2020 political decision — wrote in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece that while the President is inside his entitlement to challenge the outcomes, his endeavors “are probably not going to move a solitary state from Mr. …

North Korea

Trump met with North Korea’s Kim multiple times and spouted about the “affection letters” the tyrant thought of him and how they “began to look all starry eyed at.” None of that deterred Kim from proceeding to create atomic weapons that can contact US soil, making North Korea a more hazardous danger toward the finish of the Trump organization than it was toward the start.

Biden has said that he won’t proceed with Trump’s suggestions to Kim. This position could strain the US relationship with South Korea, where Trump’s receptiveness to commitment with Kim was supported. All things…

(CNN)With the quantity of Covid cases in the United States soaring, numerous wellbeing specialists cautioned the complete number of individuals hospitalized in a given day would rise as well.

On Tuesday, the quantity of individuals with Covid-19 at US emergency clinics unexpectedly beat 60,000.

The COVID Tracking Project, a volunteer association that aggregates information on Covid cases, said the number as of Tuesday was 61,694. That is 2,024 a bigger number of individuals than were hospitalized on April 15, the past record.

The United States presently midpoints around 1,661 new hospitalizations for every day, the association’s information shows.

CDC presently…

Investigadores de la NASA anunciaron hoy que Saturno está perdiendo sus inconfundibles anillos an una tasa que representa el peor escenario estimado por las observaciones realizadas por las sondas Voyager 1 y 2 décadas atrás.

Los anillos formados por hielo están siendo atraídos hacia la superficie de Saturno por su gravedad como una lluvia de finas partículas de hielo debido al campo magnético del planeta.

Se estima menos de 100 millones de años de existencia

James O’Donoghue de la NASA informó en una conferencia de prensa: “Nosotros estimamos que ese drenaje en los anillos envuelve una cantidad de agua capaz…

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